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Firm up your web design business with SpreadSimple

The most affordable and profitable way to create multiple websites using Google Sheets.
Use the fastest website builder with a 78% discount!

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What is it?

We designed the Agency Plan for those who want to create multiple feature-rich websites fast and with no code. Build up to 15 websites for various use cases such as MVPs, e-commerce, affiliate stores, cafes and restaurants, real estate, job boards, catalogs, and listings of any kind. All Pro features are included!

Building websites using other technologies? SpreadSimple widget can be a great compliment. Add a restaurant menu, a list of vacancies, the latest news block, etc, and let your client manage their content with no efforts from your side. With Google Sheet serving as CMS, it is no harder than editing a spreadsheet.

$69 59

15 Pro websites included

Go Business Pro
- 78%
$599 399

15 Pro websites included

Only $2 per website per month

Go Business Pro
Use all Pro features
15 Pro websites included!
Up to 78% discount off the regular pricing
SpreadSimple branding removed
Best for freelancers and agencies
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Build fast, earn more

You will spend less time building a working solution for your clients.


The setting up process is easy and lets you get a ready-to-go website in minutes. Literally.

Add new features to your existing website

Copy and paste a few lines of code and get a new beautiful widget seamlessly embedded into your website

No need to teach your clients

Content management in Google Sheet is a piece of cake even for users with zero experience and skills

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What if I need more than 15 websites?
I already have a Pro subscription. What should I do?
Will I be able to transfer the licenses and manage control to my client?
What other benefits will I get?
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Create more websites spending less time and money with our Business Pro Plan

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