2023 Year in Review

Dec 29, 2023

Another year has almost passed, and in this blog post, we want to take a moment to look back and share what we have implemented this year and some of our plans.

During this year, we have been working a lot on the things that are usually left behind the scenes but they play a vital role in the growth and development of our platform.

One of such things was marketing and promotion which we focused on this year and which help us to attract a lot of new users. We also made a big infrastructure update that we will share more about further in the article.

And of course, we rolled out a bunch of new features. Let’s take a look at the highlights.

2023 Features

Features for better user experience: sticky header + filters&search, scroll to top button, social share buttons.

  • SEO improvements: unique content and meta tags for aliases, improved sitemap structure.
  • Checkout updates: item limit in the cart, tips, and donations.
  • New templates: Video catalog, Community center schedule, Travel Agency, and Templates store.
New templates: Video catalog, Community center schedule, Travel Agency, and Templates store.
  • New payment provider: Mollie.
  • One of the biggest updates released recently was our new Secret columns support that makes digital downloads possible and has great potential for more use cases.
digital downloads
  • Updated database and data architecture

Last but not least, the biggest update of the year that we have been working on for months was the new database and the new data architecture. To put it simply, we have implemented a new way for SpreadSimple to work with the data from your Sheets. This allowed us to change the data loading process. Previously, when you visited a website, all the data from the Sheet was loading in the background, which could hurt the website loading speed, especially if there were thousands of rows. Now, only the data from the particular page is loaded during the visit.

This helped us to improve the loading speed of the websites, especially the ones with a large number of rows in the Sheets.

Also, the new model expanded possibilities for further development of SpreadSimple. In the future, we will be able to perform more complex actions with the spreadsheets, for example, not only read the data but also edit it which will make it possible to have more use cases and bring some long-requested features  **wink-wink**.

SpreadSimple at Web Summit 2023

One of the highlights of 2023 was the Web Summit Conference in Lisbon where we had the opportunity to present SpreadSimple among more than 2,000 startups gathered this year.

It was our first time at such an event, and it exceeded all our expectations. Meeting fellow founders and sharing our experiences and visions gave us a lot of new ideas.

The best part of our presentation at the Summit was meeting some of our users who came up to say hello and showcased their websites made with SpreadSimple!

SpreadSimple at Web Summit 2023

Hope there will be more such events and such opportunities to meet our users in the future.

Our Blog

This year we also focused on creating more content in our blog. We wrote about marketing, e-commerce, and traffic generation, and also occasionally recommended tools (like CRMs) or platforms to promote your website.

SpreadSimple Blog

We have plenty of new content ideas so make sure to check out our blog next year.

What’s next

What we are planning to do in 2024:

  • More useful content, including video tutorials (yes!)
  • More templates
  • More design options starting with new fonts for websites
  • More add-ons
  • Blazing fast and super convenient image upload extension (yes!)
  • SEO Enhancements
  • And more flexibility and UX improvements

And of course, we want to thank all our users for their continuous support! SpreadSimple wouldn’t be the same without your ideas, feedback, and contributions! 💙

Here’s to another year of our no-code journey! We’re excited to see what the future holds.

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