Turn your Google Sheets into an ecommerce website

Manage your online store effortlessly with SpreadSimple — a no–code ecommerce website builder. Add new items, and update descriptions and prices in Google Sheets, a tool you are already familiar with. Harness the power of Google Sheet functions and formulas and see the instant updates on your website.

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Turn your Google Sheets into an ecommerce website

SpreadSimple is online ecommerce website builder that allows you to easily create and manage your own ecommerce store without coding.

Create product listings, update inventory, set prices, and even utilize complex formulas all within Google Sheets. Fill your Sheet with product information, then use SpreadSimple to turn your Google Sheet into an online store. Just paste the link and in a seconds you will get a tailored website automatically generated for you.

Adjust the settings and design, add filters, sort, and enrich your site with multiple ecommerce features and add-ons like payment gateways and analytics. SpreadSimple's modern and responsive design guarantees a seamless experience for your customers, making it a great solution for a simplified ecommerce experience. The Google Sheet will work as a content management system for your website allowing you to keep your online store always up-to-date. All the changes in the Sheet will be instantly reflected on your website.

Build Your Ecommerce Site Today
Create Your Ecommerce Site from Google Sheets in a few simple steps

SpreadSimple Ecommerce websites are perfect for

Entrepreneurs & small business owners

Entrepreneurs & small business owners

For those launching or running small businesses, our platform simplifies the ecommerce website building, turning Google Sheets into a fully functioning online store.

Digital creators, freelancers, service professionals & consultants

Digital creators, freelancers, service professionals & consultants

Ideal for individuals offering digital products, services, or consultations. Transform Google Sheets into a personalized ecommerce website without coding.

Digital marketing agencies & specialists

Digital marketing agencies & specialists

Agencies and marketing specialists can seamlessly create multiple online stores for clients who can manage their own content using familiar Google Sheets functionality.

Essential features for your ecommerce website

Order form

Order form

Create and customize order form fields of different types

Item Variations

Item Variations

Show all item variations on one page and easily switch between them

Promo codes new

Promo codes

Offer your customers products, group of products or shipping at discount

Email receipts

Email receipts

Send your customers order receipt after the checkout

Filters and categories

Filters and categories

Filter the list of items by one or multiple criteria

Multiple Payment options

Multiple Payment options

Provide several options to pay for a purchase including Pay on Delivery

Shipping options and rates

Shipping options and rates

Offer several shipping options and rates based on the order amount

Taxes and fees

Taxes and fees

Make the necessary taxes or fees to be included in the total order

Pre-designed ecommerce templates ready to use

Building a beautiful website from Google Sheets has never been faster.

How to build an ecommerce website in 4 Simple Steps with SpreadSimple

Step 1. Create a website from a template

Pick one of the available templates to start building your website. You can choose any that you like and adjust its settings to fit your business needs. All our templates are flexible and customizable. All features and settings are available for all the websites.

Create a website from a template

Step 2. Fill it with your content

After a website is created, you can fill in the source Google Sheet with your content. Add your product descriptions, images, specifications and configure the way your content is displayed on your website. Create more pages to tell about your products or company.

Fill it with your content

Step 3. Add features and set up checkout

Set up the necessary payment methods, customize the order form and add all the necessary features like filters, promo codes, item variations and email notifications. Connect analytics, chats and any other 3rd party tools to power up your online store if necessary.

Add features and set up checkout

Step 4. Test and publish

Connect your website to your custom domain and publish it. Place a few test orders to make sure everything is working correctly, and your online store is ready to go!

Test and publish


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Case Studies

Check our blog for useful posts and instructions to automate your workflow and harness the power of Google Sheets and No-code

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No Code

$3,000,000 in revenue through websites built with no-code

Eric Sablan, a senior account manager at Pacific Alaska Wholesale, was searching for a solution to streamline the ordering process for his customers and simplify content management for his team. That's when he discovered SpreadSimple. Initially planning to use it for small-scale projects, Eric was so impressed with the platform that he decided to implement it company-wide.

With SpreadSimple, he created multiple websites, resulting in his company proccessing $3,000,000 in revenue through the websites only.

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$3,000,000 in revenue through websites built with no-code


We appreciate the trust of our customers ❤️

  • Just test it to check possibilities, you´ll be surprised for the ease of use and quickness to setup.

    It`s so easy to use - all I have to do is enter my data into a Google sheet, and Spreadsimple automatically generates a website-ready for me. Plus, the table looks great and is easy to navigate. I highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to quickly create websites from google sheets.

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Is SpreadSimple suitable for all types of ecommerce businesses?

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Let’s start building Let’s start building

Let’s start building

Use SpreadSimple and Google Sheets to manage your content and create an attractive and functional website without code.

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