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SpreadSimple is a powerful no-code website builder that lets you create feature-rich websites using just Google Sheets. For free.



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How to create a free website with Google Sheets

Turn your Google Sheets into a website and manage your website content directly from the Sheet. All the changes will be automatically reflected on the website.

  1. Create a Google Sheet and fill it with your content: names, descriptions, prices, etc.
  2. Paste the link to your Sheet to SpreadSimple, a no-code website builder that automatically creates a website for you.
  3. Сonfigure your content by connecting columns to the website elements. Enable filters, sorting, search, and other features, if necessary.
  4. Customize your design in the settings.
  5. Power up your website by connecting other services using add-ons. Integrate payment gateways, analytics, chats, and many other tools.
  6. Publish your website — and get ready for visitors. Need more detailed instructions? Visit our Help Desk center
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Why build websites with SpreadSimple?

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Manage website content from Google Sheets

Harness the power of Google Sheets to manage your inventory, prices, and orders. It supports formulas and expressions, collaborative edits, chats and many other features.

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Blazing fast setup

Compared to existing solutions, our no-code builder saves time when you’re creating and managing your website content. Use it for 20 minutes, and you're all set.

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Modern, feature-rich websites with no code

Not a professional developer? No problem! Using SpreadSimple, you can create beautiful, modern websites without code or any special knowledge. You get features like filtering, search, sorting, lead collection via forms, SEO and much more, right out of the box.

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What websites can be built with Google Sheets and no code?

Planning to build any kind of listing, directory, or an online store? With SpreadSimple you can have it up and running in minutes without writing a single line of code.

You can create any of the websites below just using Google Sheets and SpreadSimple.

E-commerce website

Managing orders and inventories is no longer a hassle. Add new items, and update prices and product availability with just a few clicks in Google Sheets, a tool you’re really familiar with.

Changes you make on the inventory sheet are instantly displayed on your website. This is especially convenient if you make changes frequently.

Add details pages to provide more product information, including item variations and an image gallery. Customize the order form and email receipts, and offer your customers promo codes and a variety of payment methods to choose from.

Build an ecommerce website

Affiliate website

The main advantage of affiliate marketing is that it's easy to do. All you need is a website and traffic. Sure, you could use a self-hosted website, as long as you’re prepared to spend a time installing a CMS and adding a bunch of plugins to make it work. On top of that, each addition of a new product will eat up several minutes of your time.

SpreadSimple offers a much easier and more convenient way to do all that. Just add Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, or any other platform's products to Google Sheets to get your website up and running instantly. Using a couple of smart formulas, you can automate your flow (e.g., add a referral code to each product link).

Using the available add-ons, you can easily integrate any analytic and tracking tools like Google Analytics and Hotjar. Enable search, filters, and sorting to allow your visitors to browse through your content easily.

Create an affiliate website

Restaurant website

Managing menu items with Google Sheets makes it easy to respond to low inventory alerts and 86s. It's even simpler with the official Sheets app, which enables you to manage the menu from your mobile phone.

Enable details pages to provide your customers with detailed descriptions of the dishes, add replacement tags to personalize your online menus, and don’t forget to enable an order form to receive orders online.

Already have a fancy cafe landing page, but tired of keeping the menu up to date? No problem! Just embed our attractive widget into any page on your existing website. This will provide you with other features such as search, categories, filters, the ability to order a dish and pay online, and more.

Create a restaurant website

Real estate website

It’s hard to keep your properties up to date on the web. What if doing it was as simple as updating an Excel sheet? What about changing prices automatically, based on season or demand? It could be a challenging task if you’re using an old-school CMS. With Google Sheets, it’s a snap.

You can automatically import RSS feeds of listings and MLSs listings to build your own convenient workflow. And enable the map view on your website to show the proprieties on an interactive map. Also, you can create details pages for each of the listings, add sorting, filters, and search for better navigation through your content. And you can even use iframes, for example, to add a contact form or embed a virtual tour.

Create a real estate website

Listings and directory website

Create a beautiful, feature-rich directory for everything you want to advertise: jobs, events, garage sales, your crafts, pictures, etc. Categorize your listings and add a navigation menu for a smooth user experience.

Create and update items in Google Sheets – a tool you’re familiar with – effortlessly. Use the data from the spreadsheet to create details pages and provide more information and specifications of your products.

Your users will be able to search and filter the listings and send you a request in one click using a customizable order form. You can also set up an RSS feed for your catalog and create a subscription form for email marketing.

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Websites for startups, MVP and growth hackers

In today’s competitive business environment, you need to test as many hypotheses as possible to achieve growth. This means running a lot of experiments in order to be market-ready. SpreadSimple is the secret tool you can use to accomplish this goal – in minutes.

Looking for a profitable niche? Then create a bunch of SpreadSimple websites using Google Sheets as a content source, send them some traffic, and compare the results. Connect Google Analytics, Htojar, or any other similar tools to track and analyze visitors' behavior.

Power up your website with the available add-ons or use webhooks and automation services like Zapier, Make. and others to integrate your website with hundreds of various services.

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Case Studies

No Code

$3,000,000 in revenue through websites — an example of a no-code success story

Eric Sablan, a senior account manager at Pacific Alaska Wholesale, sought an example of a solution to streamline the ordering process for his customers and simplify content management for his team, all without code. That's when he discovered SpreadSimple. Initially planning to use it for small-scale projects, Eric was so impressed with the platform that he decided to implement it company-wide.

With SpreadSimple, he built multiple websites, resulting in his company processing $3,000,000 in revenue through these no-code websites only.

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SpreadSimple Features

Promo codes new

Promo codes

Offer your customers products, group of products or shipping at discount

Billplz Checkout new

Billplz Checkout

One of the most popular Malaysian payment gateways

Navigation aliases new

Navigation aliases

Create categories based on the filters with custom links and meta tags

Always up-to-date & Easy to manage data

Always up-to-date & Easy to manage data

All the content changes in Google Sheets are automatically reflected on the website

Item details page

Item details page

Create a dedicated page for each of your products

Order form

Order form

Create and customize order form fields of different types

Item Variations

Item Variations

Show all item variations on one page and easily switch between them

Embed as widget to external website

Embed as widget to external website

Add your catalog as a responsive widget onto another website

Website localization

Website localization

More than 30 languages to translate your website

WhatsApp Add-on

WhatsApp Add-on

Send order information to WhatsApp chat after checkout

PayPal Checkout

PayPal Checkout

Fast and secure way to make online payments

Stripe Checkout

Stripe Checkout

Popular and secure checkout that adapts to your customer’s device and location

Google Analytics add-on

Google Analytics add-on

An easy way to integrate Google Analytics to your website

Content pages

Content pages

About Us, FAQ and other pages to tell more about you and your project



Integrate your website with other services and automate the processes

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Connect the tools you use

Take your website to the next level by connecting chats, analytics, payment getaways, automation tools, and adding content from your favorite platforms. The number of available integrations is constantly growing

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Website templates

Building a beautiful website from Google Sheets has never been faster.

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We appreciate the trust of our customers ❤️

  • Just test it to check possibilities, you´ll be surprised for the ease of use and quickness to setup.

    It`s so easy to use - all I have to do is enter my data into a Google sheet, and Spreadsimple automatically generates a website-ready for me. Plus, the table looks great and is easy to navigate. I highly recommend this tool for anyone looking to quickly create websites from google sheets.

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