5 Persuasive Techniques to Use on Your Website

Marketing Mar 1, 2023

Generating traffic to your website is one of the key goals that needs to be achieved when establishing your online presence. But the final result is always website conversions that actually drive sales. Your website is a communicator with your potential clients, so you should always find ways to make it persuasive in nature. Persuasion is a driving force when it comes to decision-making.

Here are 5 simple persuasive techniques to use on your website to help with conversions:

Make your business memorable

If a person can recall and remember your brand, that person places importance on it. So using memorable anecdotes and quirky messages on your home page is a great way to make your website memorable. People value ‌information they can remember and that makes them trust your business.

Another way to be memorable is to have customer reviews and case studies from existing clients. If your visitors recognize your clients they cannot help but associate with them, which in turn makes your business important. Also, using memorable language, humor, or rhymes on your website is another great way to be remembered by your clients.

Mirror your customers

Mirroring someone is basically mimicking their behavior, which is easier to do in person. Human beings feel liked when we mimic their behavior and this makes it a powerful persuasive technique. One way to mirror your customers on your website is to use the same language that they use to describe your product or service.

You can send surveys to your online community members with open-ended questions to see how they describe your business. Another way to mimic your client's behavior is to reach out to friends and relatives of your existing customers by following a referral program. A person is more likely to purchase a product if someone in their social circle has done the same.

Limited Time Only

Limited resources have always driven up demand. People place more value on goods when there is a scarcity effect on them. You can have a similar scarcity effect on your product with limited-time-only sales, special deals for a specific few customers (like the first 20 customers), and limited stock of a product.

This effect drives people to make a purchase faster as it is an effective persuasion technique. One thing to keep in mind with this technique is to be true to your word. Convey the scarcity with a countdown timer, or the number of stocks as this builds more trust with your clients.

Involve your customers

People who have been more involved in the creation process of a product or service, have a higher inclination toward it. The most effective way to do this is to offer customization options to your clients for their orders. This makes them a part of the creation process and also offers freedom of choice.

Another way to involve your customers is to ask for feedback on how to make your product or service better. If you decide to use the customer’s suggestions then make it a point to let them know. One thing to keep in mind with this technique is to limit ‌customization choices to 2-4 only, as too many choices can cause a negative effect.

Be the solution

The last and final persuasion technique is to market your product or service as the solution to a problem. There are three stages to this.
First, identify the problems your customers have. To do this, you need to know your target audience and their queries.
Next, relate to the customer by agitating the problem and stating how they must have tried some common techniques to solve it and failed.
Finally, offer your product or service and explain how it helps to solve the issue. One major factor when implementing this technique is to have a CTA that helps convert your customers.

We hope these techniques will be helpful for you and your business!

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