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Create a user-friendly and captivating website to share your event schedule with your audience. SpreadSimple's Events and Schedules template is perfect for any business hosting public events and seeking an online platform to share schedules and offer online booking options.

Just like all SpreadSimple templates, the Events and Schedules template utilizes Google Sheets as its content management system. This means you won't need any coding skills to set up your website or update your event schedule.


Think of Google Sheets as your website’s content management system. You can manage the information about your events by adding or removing rows and updating cell contents. Keeping your website up-to-date has never been simpler!

Events and Schedules template features

  • Header and navigation menu
  • Categories (URL aliases)
  • Intro section
  • Events Grid
  • Filters and sorting
  • Details pages
  • Item Variations
  • Stock limitation
  • Content pages
  • Booking form
  • Universal Email Subscription add-on
  • Cookies pop-up
  • Footer

100% customizable template

On top of the mentioned features, you have the flexibility to integrate new ones, making your event website site truly unique. Whether you represent a lecture hall, a concert venue, a community center, or a fitness club — you can use the Events and Schedules template to kickstart your digital presence. Naturally, you can add your brand's design elements and images, tailor fonts, and enrich the website with your distinctive content.


Localize your website

Need to translate your website for an international audience? That’s not a problem! The Events and Schedules template features over 35 built-in translation options. If the language you need is not one of them, all it takes is to contact our support team, and we will gladly add the required options for you.

Remarkable features to use on your events schedule website

Customizable booking form

Customize the event booking form to make the process as simple as possible for your visitors. You can adjust the booking form and gather all the information you need from your guests before the event: their contact details, how many people they are coming with, etc.


Comprehensive details page

Create an in-depth Details page for each of your events, featuring a description, scheduling options, a picture gallery, and more. You can customize the page by selecting the content you want to show on your event pages.


Create pages for specific categories of events

Want to create separate pages for specific categories of events to make navigating your schedule easier? That’s not a problem! With URL aliases, you can effortlessly create menu pages on your website to categorize your events. In the template preview, for instance, we categorized events by target audience age group, setting up pages for Kids, Teenagers, Adults, and Seniors. You can customize the names and settings to create your own categories.


Who can use the Events and Schedules website template?

The template will be helpful for any kind of business that hosts events and wants to implement an online booking system:

  • community centers;
  • event venues;
  • lecture halls;
  • concert halls;
  • yoga and fitness clubs;
  • fine art classes;
  • pottery workshops;
  • cooking classes;
  • language clubs;
  • reading clubs;
  • board game gatherings.


What is the Events and Schedules website template?

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