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Welcome to our Flower Shop website template, where creating an elegant online presence is a breeze. Easily show off your beautiful flowers, keep customers up to date, and offer your creative works for sale with a custom website.

With our template, you can make a stylish website in just a few hours, no coding is needed. The template uses Google Sheets to make it easy for you to update your site with new pictures or specials. You don't need any technical skills to create or manage your website.


Flower Shop website template features

  • Header and navigation menu
  • Content pages: Delivery details, Flower Care Essentials, Contacts, and FAQ
  • Navigation aliases for categories
  • Filters and sorting
  • Intro section
  • Product list
  • Details pages
  • Shopping cart
  • Order form
  • Shipping rates
  • Tax fee
  • Footer

100% customizable template: create a unique website

Even though the template is all set up, it's also extremely easy to customize. Whether you own a quaint flower shop on the corner or a vibrant floral café, this template lets you shape your site to fit your brand just right.

Craft a truly unique web page by adding your logo, lively photos, and special fonts. With Google Sheets managing your content, keeping your site fresh is a breeze. No tech skills are required — just your creativity and passion for your floral business!

Localize your website

Our template offers more than 35 translation options for your website — perfect if many of your customers don't speak English. If your language isn't included, just reach out to our support team, and we'll be happy to add it to our collection!


Remarkable features to use on your flower shop website

Filters and categories

With an expanded list of filters and categories, this template allows you to create an easy-to-navigate friendly website, where your customers will be able to find exactly what they need quickly.


Customizable order form

As your customers are ready to confirm their flower selections, they'll be guided to an order form crafted exclusively for your flower shop. This user-friendly form streamlines the process, enabling you to collect all the essential details about the order, such as delivery preferences and wrapping choices.

Feel free to customize the form according to your preferences by adding or removing fields. Whether it's specific floral arrangements, delivery instructions, or preferred colors, you have the flexibility to tailor the form to match the unique charm of your flower shop.


Who can use the Flower Shop website template?

The template will be helpful for anyone who needs a neat website to showcase and offer their flower arrangements:

  • flower shops;
  • individual florists;
  • decorators;
  • decorating agencies


What is the Flower Shop website template?

Is the Flower Shop website template free?

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How can I make my flower shop website from Google Sheets?

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