Website template for Merch store

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You can use this template to create your own Merch website or any kind of other clothing website without code. The clean dark-themed merch site has slim intro section followed by the store description, a convenient product grid, and contact information.

All the website content comes from the Google Sheets that works as a content management system. It also demonstrates the power of Google Sheets for integrations: we build both product preview image and the Buy button link using the same image and Sheets formulas.

The content management spreadsheet looks like this:


The Merch store website uses:

  • Intro section
  • Product grid
  • Text description blocks with emoji
  • Order link (third-party service)
  • Search
  • Sorting
  • Category filters

100% customizable template

Want to customize the template? You can easily change the website theme to the light one, add a shopping cart or any other features if necessary. The merch store template is flexible and can be customized in a few clicks.

Localize your website

Translate your Merch store interface for your customers by selecting one of the 30 languages available in the settings. Can’t find your language? Write us in chat and we will gladly add it to the list!


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