Job Board Template

decor job-board-hero

A template designed for job boards and listings of all kinds with a horizontal layout and Google Form that allows users to contribute content directly on the website.

The content management spreadsheet looks like this:

job-board-sheet job-board-sheet-dropdown

Used features:

  • Intro section
  • Text description block
  • List-style cards layout
  • Google Form for vacancies collection
  • 6 filters
  • Search
  • Sorting
  • Pagination
  • Form submissions moderation built with FILTER formula

The template comes with a Google Spreadsheet which you can extend and fill out with your data and a Google Form to collect job openings. The entry submitted in the form won't go public immediately, only after your approval that can be given by changing the entry status in the dropdown in your Google Sheet.


You can make a copy of this form too.

As usual, you can enable and disable website options or change them after using this template.