Must-Read Marketing Book Template

decor marketing-books-hero

Using this template, you can create your own unique selection of books /services/music/movies and share useful knowledge with users.


Used features:

  • Header and navigation menu
  • Content pages
  • List view
  • Universal Email Subscription Add-on
  • RSS Feed Add-on
  • Details pages with Youtube iframe
  • Details pages with extended description formatted in Markdown
  • Button with a link
  • 3 Badges
  • Search
  • Sorting
  • Alt tags in the Google sheet
  • Using Highlights in Google sheet
  • Pagination
  • Footer

The template comes with a Google Spreadsheet which you can extend and fill out with your data and a Google Form embedded as an iframe.

There is an About us page that you can use to tell more about yourself.

You can enable and disable website features or change them after using this template.