April Updates

News Apr 25, 2024

We are excited to introduce the latest product updates — new design options, several UX improvements, and of course new templates!

Let's dive in!

Design Updates

Compact view

A new layout style is now available in the Content Tab: the compact view.

This style is similar to our list view but, unlike the list view, the new layout allows you to display specifications in one line.

This style can be a great choice for directories or other cases when you want to display a lot of information compactly in the list.

Now you can add social media icons to your footer without custom code and drive more traffic to your accounts.

Enter all the necessary links in the Settings Tab and allow your visitors to easily find and connect with you on social media platforms.

Display your filters and sorting in a sidebar allowing your visitors to see all the available options on the page.

On mobile view, the sidebar will open after clicking on the floating filter button.

New templates

Four new templates are now available in your dashboard.

These templates are:

Law firm website
The Law Firm website lists various legal services that visitors can learn about and book online using Calendly add-on. The template also comes with several content pages to tell more about the company, and the services and showcase clients' testimonials.

Bakery store
An online menu for a bakery store with round-shaped images, category pages, customized design, and an order form page. This template can be a great starting point for an online menu for a cafe or restaurant.

A florist’s website with a soft pink color scheme showcases the variety of bouquets and flower arrangements ready to be ordered. The design is customized with CSS code that you can copy and use on other websites. You can use this template to create an online store of any kind.

Car dealer catalog
A template for a used car dealership with new sidebar filters and a dark theme. The visitors can learn more about each item on the details pages and schedule a test drive using the customized order form.

UX improvements

Drag&Drop in the website editor

Rearrange images, filters, specifications, sorting options, and social icons by dragging and dropping the columns in the dedicated dropdown menus.

No more tedious mapping-unmapping-remapping! Just drag and drop, and see the elements instantly appear in the correct order.

Mobile view in the editor

Check out how your website looks on mobile without leaving the website editor. Just click on the mobile view button and keep on editing.

Hope you will enjoy these updates.

There will be more!

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